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Guitar Decal and Adhesive Sticker Restoration Decals


ESP Stickers

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ESP Guitar Sticker Peel and Stick v24

ESP Guitar Sticker Adhesive peel and stick guitar Decal Headstock Restoration Logo

CAD10.50  CAD9.77

ESP Guitar Sticker Peel and Stick v24b

ESP Guitar Sticker Adhesive peel and stick guitar Decal Headstock Restoration Logo

CAD10.50  CAD9.77

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My name is Tim Mercer...I am the invento of Glow Bear...I am also a guitar freak and restore guitars and make all the decal on
   I created glow in the dark glow fabric and with it I made Glow Bear.  The worlds first Huggable Nightlight...Glow Bears need no batteries and charged by
any light source and glows for over 20 hours.
   I dontated thousands of Glow Bears to orphan Children in Africa, Rwanda and India where nighttime is a dark and lonely place.  Glow Bear has been on the TV show, The View
and sold out three times on the Shopping Channel...I had an injury where they thought my neck was broken and have had 4 surgeries and now back on my feet ready to relaunch Glow Bear.  We are also adding Glow Pillow and Glow Dino.
    We need your help...please repost the link to your facebook and twitter or simply add this to your card for a $10.00 donattion for Glow Bear.
Our campaign is on Kick Start and we look forward to the relaunch of Glow Bear.
Tim Mercer
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CAD10.00  CAD9.30

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We are a Canadian based company with a

passion for guitars, manufacturing and worldwide distrubution.

 Our service goes beyond the sale and shipping. Top Quality

product and service is just the beginning. We manufacture

Guitar Decal Waterslide Headstock logos for Fender Guitar Decals,

Stratocaster Guitar Decals, Telecaster Guitar Decals, Gibson Decals,

Epiphone Decals. Guitar Waterslide Decal Headstock logos for all over the world.

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