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Fender Guitar Corporation Trademarks

  We are constantly asked "Where can I buy Authentic Fender Guitar Corporation Waterslide Original Decals for my Fender Guitar"?  Kind of frustrated by that

myself. so oneday I cantacted Fender Corporation...via Phone, email....wore my redial out on my phone and the resend button on my computer.

     Well...I can answer that...Fender Corporation does NOT sell restoration decals to guys like us. They do not look after their thats where we come in...we do!

In fact we have a repeat buyer of our Fender decals and they work for Fender Guitar Corporation and purchase decals using a email would think that would ring a bell for Fender Corporation.  Fender Corporation has lost many Trademark lawsuits and they seem to flex their trademark muscles and like to enforce what they think their trademark is verses what the Law states a Trademark to be.  Fender make reissue Fender Guitars and did not file trademarks...could you immagine trying to restore an old corvette if General Motors did not sell restoration parts...well actually they dont sell parts for vintage can olny buy aftermarket Corvette parts but could you immagine if General Motors tried to stop people from supplying aftermarket parts for old Vintage corvettes. This is trademark abuse and needs to stop.

Here is Fender Corporation Legal and Yellow Brands contact info...apparently Fender Corporation gives decals for "Free" according to Karen Cohen. (See Attached and you can also contact Fender Corporation at: 

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.    for information....when your done getting a chuckle how they give you free decals...see below.

Fender Musical Instruments Corporation Representative's Information

Name Karin Cohen
Company Yellow Brand Protection
Job title Client Manager
Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 To get free Fender Decals you must:

1: Submit to Fender Corporation a photo of your guitar...including serial number (I hope your decal is not worn out or you are done)

2: Then you must send Fender Corporation your guitar...(There goes any fun in restoring guitars...right?)

3: They will install the decal on your have to send for shipping to and from Fender Corporation...OH...I forget to mention

   According to Karen Cohen representative for Yellowbrands on behalf of Fender also have to pay to have Fender Corporation apply and clear coat your headstock and you must pay them. But they will give you a "Free" guitar decal. However...Fender Representative claims that they do not have all vintage decals but they will give you one that is close to the!

SOOOOOOOO.....for roughly $1000.00 Fender Corporation is nice enought to give you a "Free" decal and its free if you pay for the shipping to and from and cover the application you scratching your head yet...I know I was. 

  Another interesing thing is YellowBrands and Fender Corporation is now trying to have all Fender Decals removed from Selling on the internet as they are trying to claim "Trademark" infringements...this makes no sense.  If Fender Corporation was looking after their customers guys like I would not have to make guitar decals for the millions of guys out there restoring guitars and who can afford to pay fender corporation thousands of dollars to restore their the fact that restoring guitars is a passion.  I know that I have a Fender guitar and if I want to paint it red and add my own decal...Fender Corporation has no say it.  Sounds like Fender Corporation new marketing stratagy is "If guys can't restore guitars they will have to buy a new one...Way to go Fender...I hear Bankrupt coming in that new business strategy.  I would say dry the tears and help save the Fender name..every guitar that I have helped guys restore is another Fender guitar that is sitting in someone livingroom or being played. Not many guys would ever pay thousands of dollars to restore a $200 guitar they bought at a garage sale or picked up on Ebay or ETSY...

   Fender Corporation has lost many Trademark lawsuits and so many vintage decals have never had Trademarks, some are expired, some are abandoned and I have sent many, many emails to Fender Corporation, Yellow Brands requesting trademark info as they make claims to Ebay and ETSY that all Fender Decals are trademark violations.   I just want to restore guitars and help other guys around the world restore guitars...If Fender Corporation cannot supply and/or sell restoration decals for the vintage guitars that are 50 year or older...then we will. 

  Luthier Decals were recently contacted by a family that a young girl 18 had passed away and loved to play her guitar...the family wanted a pink decal with the "Serial Numer" to be the Birth Date of "Valerie" in memory of her...we make this decal for the family...Free of charge...Fender Corporation would never do this 


We are not against Fender Guitar Corporation and support the stopping of knock off Fender guitars and parts. If Fender corporation was selling Fender Restoration Decals and we were also selling them that would be a knock off situation which would be taking money from Fender Corporation...we are in no way stopping sales for Fender Corporation or hurting sales...its actually the opposite. If Fender Corporation was selling Fender Restoration Decals....then they would have a good case.


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