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Luthier Decals and

Sticker Creation "Words that Stick"

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Guitar Adhesive Stickers Peel and Stick

V2b Gibson Guitar Decal Sticker

Guitar Adhesive Peel and Stick Guitar Skin Inlay Stickers for all your Guitar Restoration Projects


  If your just trying to cover up an old decal or jazz up your carrying case, we make Adhesive Guitar Decal Sticker

for all your guitar restoration projects or your guitar case, Drum skin or turn your favourite name into a bumper sticker.

  We have every guitar Decal Headstock restoration logo in the world and also make them in Peel and Stick Adhesive Decals.

Our printers are the best in the world and we ship free worldwide. If you need bulk decals we also make them

  If you dont see it simply ask for a free no obligation quote.

     Our decals come with simple tips on how to apply a waterslide decal and how to apply a adhesive peel and stick sticker to get

the best results.

    Dont forget to add our fret inlay stickers to add that special touch to your fret dots.  Check out our store


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We are a Canadian based company with a

passion for guitars, manufacturing and worldwide distrubution.

 Our service goes beyond the sale and shipping. Top Quality

product and service is just the beginning. We manufacture

Guitar Decal Waterslide Headstock logos for Fender Guitar Decals,

Stratocaster Guitar Decals, Telecaster Guitar Decals, Gibson Decals,

Epiphone Decals. Guitar Waterslide Decal Headstock logos for all over the world.

   Our company is also the inventors of Glow Bear.

and we have a world vision with product in every country in the world! 

   Also check out our "Words that Stick"...its amazing how a simple word can light

bring light to a dark day.

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Guitar Decal and Adhesive Sticker Restoration Decals


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